josh l 100wc

It was midday and I was playing football with my neighbours. Peter kicked the ball into the hedge. I found a x. X marks the spot
“Of course”.
“Come on Josh what are you doing?” said Fred.
“Wait ‘there’s treasure under the x.
Fred and Peter came over and were shocked.
“What we waiting for lets get the treasure and dig it up”
underneath the x there was 5 billion worth of diamonds
After a while we each had 1.75 billion each. We gave a lot of it to charity because having all that money just made me sad because money doesn’t bring happiness.

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X Marks the spot

On the 5th April 2014 a treasure map was found in a capsule. The treasure has now been found. She has written a report.

On the 5th of April 2014 I was digging in my garden when I hit something hard, I kept on digging, until it was fully out of the ground. I pulled it out to find a treasure map. Every day I followed this map until I found x marks the spot. However one day I saw a x on the ground , I thought that must be it. I started digging ,and I found money and gold. I was rich!















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nathane 100wc

Suddenly, as I was wandering  around the wood an emerald capsule shot at me and landed with a bump. Moments later a riddle popped out , it read:

I have a bed but do not sleep,

I have a mouth but do not eat,

I have a flow  but do not sing,

I have a branch but not a twig.

What am I?

Find me!!!

Immediately I got it, a river! I ran to the river where x marked the spot and there was an emerald chest filled with… more emeralds!!! When I got home my house was filled with, well you can guess!


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X marks the spot

I’m going to tell you a story from 50 years ago. It was 11.59 and Brenna the 11 year old girl was in her bedroom waiting for her alarm to go for her 12th birthday. Her parents were waiting as well. When suddenly bbbbbbrrrriiinnnggg her alarm went off. It was now the 12th hour of the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year. Brenna’s birthday. The clock ticked off the second.
She strait away asked where her presents were and all they said was X marks the spot. She knew straight away what that meant. They were hidden around the house, she needed a map.

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Dear diary

Dear diary, today I was busy tidying the attic because it is going to be my new room. Also my mum is pregnant at the moment so we are sorting out the baby’s new room. I  asked my parents if the baby was going to sleep in the attic. However it was actually my new room , anyway that was when I found it ,the map. Tomorrow I’m going to look for the treasure because x marks the spot .      



I found it ! stacks  of money and a note , it said:


I give you this money so you can start a new life.


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The silence was deafening,the flashbang had made everyone blind for at least 10seconds”Go Go Go it’s a trap!”

When I heard that I ran like my life depended on it (well my life did depend on it)
While I was running I dropped all my gear. My helmet,and everything else I had.
“DAM!” I’d been shot in the leg
“Come on mate,get up!”
“No,leave without me!”
They left me here to die, I wander what’s going to happen to me. There’s fire everywhere, but I can’t do anything about it.
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It had been a long day for Jeff, when he got home, his house had been haunted. When Jeff got home from work he went to his fridge and got out a cookie and went to his bed jumped in and went to sleep. When Jeff was fast asleep the ghosts came out and went into Jeff’s room and Pushed his lamp over. Jeff woke
“Hello?”he said. The silence was deafening, Jeff put the lamp back and fell back to sleep then the ghost went back to his hideout and sleeped. The next day Jeff looked for the ghost but it was gone.
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100wcweek 21KG

The silence was deafening.
I was in a street but there was no one else.
Where was everyone?
Why was I the only one there?
I searched and searched but the only thing I found was the emptiness and misery in the world, and this is how it all started…..
I was on the train and all was like usual, then we went through a tunnel and when I looked around everyone had vanished. I went to see if the train driver was still there but he too had vanished!!!! Crash bang wallop!
That’s when I woke to find my self in  this silent street!!!!
Why was I the only one,was there a reason….
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100 WC Week 21 DB

One dark night me and my friend called Ben were watching a film and eating a Mc 17Donald’s take away.Suddenly their was a bang and another bang bang bang I picked 32up a baseball bat and went to the front door the silence was deafening there was no 50one there.So me and Ben went down the celler whith a baseball bat and a golf club,suddenly the celler door closed with a slam!Down the celler there was a noise it said Ha Ha!The thing in the celler was a psychopath escaped from a mental asylum Me and Ben hid but the psychopath said I can smell you little children.

Daniel B

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Rainy night MS

It was a typical English evening: the rain was lashing it down that caused the road to flood; it was pitch black and the lamp posts were flickering. The cars were zooming by, splashing anyone whom was on the pavement. In the distance, the lightening crackled, and the thunder was rumbling. All of a sudden a dark red Ferrai raced around the corner, the multi- million- pound car.        Into the verge. Fortunaly the driver was ok, although he swore under his breath.
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